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"It is, in the end, whatever the hell I want it to be. And when I'm through with it, it's gonna blow a hole straight through the world's own idea of itself. They're throwing bottles at your house, come on let's go break their arms."

Confusing, humorous, curious, inspired, and always working.

My second video.  This one is a short story, that I would like to make into a long story someday.  Thank you and enjoy. 

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So this is how planes are made…

So this is how planes are made…

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haha, nice!

The only time I’m ever really relaxed is when I’m on my back and a woman is massagin my head. You know, when I get my post haircut rinse.
Woo! Was that sexual enough for ya’?

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I’m going to put out an APB…

Ask Pam Beasly.

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Jack Johnson

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[Please excuse the minor lag in the beginning. If you’re willing check it out on youtube. Thanks.]

Check out my first video ever filming, editing, and directing.  (not in that specific order)

Also, check out the groups facebook page if you like what you hear. Plenty more to come from them, and myself.

Take care


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Bought Beats by Dr. Dre for $150.
I’m impressed.. 

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Tonight, I realized I’m the big dude people want to fight
My size is that of questionable proportion
People who are looking to test their strength with their egos
Have a way of finding me.
I won’t say that I am afraid of such act of blind aggression and misplaced testosterone
But it isn’t in me to strike someone out of stupidity.
I will however act in defense of others.
I find great pride in it even if it leads to some physical altercation.
Luckily I have also realized I have a way with words.
I know how to use them, to get into someone’s head
And find a resolve.
Tonight, though, I stared furiously into the angry eyes of a pothead off his hinges
And I dared him to move forward, but my words got in the way.
I’ve been begging for an opportunity like this
To see what kind of fight I can put up.
A chance to finally let out all the built up emotion from the past three years and senselessly
Throw myself at someone in an act of rage,
Hoping to pummel their face,
To make them bleed.
Making my fists turn red with blood and my face crimson with anger and frustration.
But, unfortunately, that’s not like me.
Sure I’m the big dude.
But I was given a brain and the ability to speak in times of intense anxiety.
I thrive on moments like these.
A moment to finally thrust out my words.
A moment to yell at the top of my lungs,
“Fuck you! Mind your own goddamn business and get the hell out!”
I live for moments like these.
Seeing you walk away peacefully talking your shit as you turn and head back to your car.
And me, smirking in satisfaction and pride.
Yeah. I won tonight’s battle.
And I did it without making myself look like an idiot.

alfred s

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I’m beginning to be irritated by the word “girl”. Not so much as a reference to females, but as a way to call out another female acquaintance. For instance, “You go girl!” or “Get it girl!” I don’t go around telling all my guy friends, “You go boy!” or “That’s spicy boy, get it, like you know how! Uhuh, go boy!”

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Anonymous said: I put the number 69 in your ask box a long time ago when you did that one never asked a question. :<

Na what, I am sorry.

I must’ve missed it unintentionally.

Hopefully you do not mind asking another question.


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